Have you ever thought about taking that dip whenever you want? Without having to travel, just getting home after the end of a day of work, and being able to freshen up? And what’s more, with the possibility of inviting friends for a sunny Sunday? The name of this is quality of life!

Gone are the days when having a swimming pool at home was something for few people, excluding apartment dwellers. Nowadays, with the modernization of the market, affordable prices and countless fiber models, it has become much easier. The installation no longer requires large spaces, the objective is to serve an increasing number of people.

If you live in a penthouse, like to promote leisure moments with family and friends, enjoy relaxing freshwater baths and dream of your own private oasis without having to spend a lot, installing your fiberglass pool is ideal for you. ! Check out six reasons and benefits that won’t leave you in doubt:

1 – Beauty and versatility

One of the great advantages of fiberglass pools on a roof is their versatility, due to the various existing formats that can meet all types of needs, including larger, smaller models or with special measurements, to adapt to the specific dimensions of the installation site.

The beauty and sophistication of fiber models rival any concrete or vinyl pool. Style and color variations create a partnership between design and quality.

2 – Installation: lightness, speed and practicality

Fiberglass pools are much lighter than concrete pools, which favors the choice of material for coverings, as the building structure must be able to support the installation and weight of the pool. In addition to being lightweight, they are more practical and easier to install, favoring those who are in a hurry to carry out the work.The fact that it is a single piece, which is already delivered ready to site, means that the installation of the fiberglass pool takes an average of 7 days, while others can take up to 12 weeks.

3 – Quality and durability

Fiber pools are more resistant, versatile and better withstand possible cracks and cracks, leaving you calmer and less worried about possible infiltrations in your apartment. Made in a single piece without patches, the risk of leakage is almost zero.

Models made with good quality fiber adapt easily to any type of climate, whether extreme heat or cold, due to the great flexibility that the material presents. Its durability also saves money on repairs.

4 – Cost benefit

Another positive point of the fiberglass pool is the low cost of construction, repair and maintenance, compared to other pools. The fact that it is made seamless and has no pores prevents the accumulation of algae, fungi and bacteria, facilitating the maintenance routine and contributing significantly to savings on the chemicals used. Savings can reach 40% compared to other models.

With easier and faster cleaning you also minimize energy expenditure, which makes the option for fiber even more profitable. Furthermore, in the case of a heated pool, the fiber has the ability to maintain the water temperature for longer, avoiding repeated heating.

5 – Security

Choosing fiberglass is associated with safety. As it has a smooth, resistant surface with a good useful life, the material does not present cracks, which can cause injuries and accidents, providing bathers with greater peace of mind.

6 – Valuation of your property

You need to realize that with a swimming pool your penthouse apartment will increase in value on the market. Even if this is not your current objective, tomorrow or the day after you can choose to sell your property and the fact that it has a fiberglass pool will guarantee you a more financially advantageous deal.

There are undoubtedly countless advantages of installing a fiberglass pool on your roof. You can only benefit from leisure, convenience and practicality. Perfect for relaxing and relieving everyday stress. Ideal for regular exercise. Great to enjoy alone or with friends. Any time you want. All in the comfort of your home!

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